What makes us different?
Dedicated Class Room Teaching.
Educational International and National tours,
a vital part of the curriculum, helps the students to bridge the gap between the class room teaching and the real time world.
Career Counseling Programmes at regular
Value based education.
Individual attention for all.
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Sister Bimla Minj, OSU    
It is my privilege to pen a few lines of congratulations on the present edition of the Annual Souvenirs of the Ursuline Convent Girls High School and the Intermediate College. I congratulate the Principal, Staff and Students for releasing year after year the Souvenirs of the Institute which express the skills and talents of the students.

As I write, an image of a seed flashes my mind. A seed, though small, insignificant, closed-up, and self-contained, holds a tree in it. To grow, it needs soil, sunlight, water and gentle care.

Likewise, in every student a seed-leader is hidden. Reduction is key to unlocking a seed of leadership in each student. School/Colleges are providing an opportunity to develop the leadership skills and qualities in each person.
  I express my deep appreciation to the Principal and the staff for their selfless efforts and self-giving in playing a great role in unlocking the creativity and potentially in each person.  
  In this competitive, scientific and technological digital world, our society is hungry for wisdom about leadership everyday in every sphere of life. Our Country needs a leader who is sincere, honest, innovation, God-fearing person, self-disciplined, can give selfless service, and has positive self-image and self-confidence.  
  All leadership begins with self-leadership. Leadership is not just an act; it is a way of living. It is an ongoing. A leader takes every moment an opportunity of growth and new possibility.  
  My wish for you is to keep your vision and goal before you, relish the opportunity to continue learning about self and the world, and look forward to new discovery and interests.  
  May the Whole One who has begun the good work in you, bring it to completion.  
  We love, appreciation and felicitation,  
  Sister Bimla Minj, OSU
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