What makes us different?
Dedicated Class Room Teaching.
Educational International and National tours,
a vital part of the curriculum, helps the students to bridge the gap between the class room teaching and the real time world.
Career Counseling Programmes at regular
Value based education.
Individual attention for all.
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Ursuline Intermediate College, Ranchi has been providing education for girls since 2006 whilst playing an important role to improve women education in Jharkhand. Within a short period, it has become one of the reputed Institutions in the field of Girls Education. Students are inspired to be more resourceful under the able leadership and guidance of the Principal Sr. Dr. Mary Grace, "The President Award Winner-2009"
  Historical Background  
This College grew out of Ursuline Convent Girl's High School, Ranchi, Jharkhand, founded in the year 1903 by Mother Ursula Greinshade, an English member of the Ursuline Society. The entire net work of the Ursuline Education started from Kindergarten to Primary and High school levels, flourishing into various Intermediate Colleges, in and outside Jharkhand giving more scope to women to develop themselves academically. Primary, High School and Intermediate sections have strong infrastructure and furnished with modern facilities.
  Vision & Mission  
To be an institution providing student opportunities to learn skills & attitude needed to be successful in this increasing complex world while keeping the
  humane touch in creating better tomorrow for all of us.
To encourage physical, emotional, intellectual well being as well as character development through cultural, social academic & sporting co-curricular
To learn, to be respectful, considerate & responsible through community living & close personal interaction.
To develop an understanding & appreciation for culture, traditions and benefits and then importance in creating harmony in the world.
  Rules & Regulations  
Any student who is found to be engaged in any unfair or illegal means during the examination will be expelled from the Institution. No excuses will be
  entertained at any cost.
Admission test shall be held for student with marks lower than expected.
Since this a fully private Institution all the probable expenditure on account of established and maintenance well be borne by the collection generated
  from the college itself, hence fees shall be payable as indicated in the entrance form.
Uniform: - White Salwar Suit along with Maroon Stole for class IX and with While Stole for class XII. Please note that short kurti, low back design and
  cut sleeves are strictly not permitted. Maroon Sweaters for all and Black pair of shoes for all. Hair to be neatly tied with white band.
No ornament except wrist watch and no cell phones are allowed.
Attendance required minimum 95% and college discipline to be followed strictly.
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