What makes us different?
Dedicated Class Room Teaching.
Educational International and National tours,
a vital part of the curriculum, helps the students to bridge the gap between the class room teaching and the real time world.
Career Counseling Programmes at regular
Value based education.
Individual attention for all.
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Ursuline Intermediate College, Ranchi has been providing education for girls since 2006 whilst playing an important role to improve women education
  in Jharkhand.
It provides all round education to girls irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion.
It has trained teachers specialized in different fields of learning who can give guidance and impart valuable knowledge to each and every child of the
The entire net work of the Ursuline Education started from Kindergarten to Primary and High school levels, flourishing into various Intermediate
  Colleges, in and outside Jharkhand giving more scope to women to develop themselves academically. Primary, High School and Intermediate sections have strong infrastructure and furnished with modern facilities.
Students are inspired to be more resourceful under the able leadership and guidance of the Principal Sr. Dr. Mary Grace, "The President Award
The college is recognized by the Govt. of Jharkhand Vide Letter No. JAC/ollC./Estt./0085/08, dated: 29/02/08.
An independent, new & spacious construction stands for the college equipped for both theory & practical classes.
Experienced members of the staff are available for each subject.
Well furnished Library with sufficient number of title and periodicals.
Laboratories – Laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Geography.
Compatible Computer Science Lab, Facility with multimedia kit.
Two Competent Lecturers available for each subject. Guest lecturers are also invited from time to time.
Three major exams – for both classes XI & XII (1st Term, 2nd Term and Final Exams) JAC takes the responsibility to conduct the Exam.
Career counseling, Seminars, Programs and various competitions are held every month.
The institution has also been able o obtain SCHOLARSHIP from Govt. of Jharkhand.
Organizing Education Tour for classes XI & XII which provides a wider scope to widen their vision, knowledge and skills.
Apart from working hours, library remains open for an extra hour.
Hostel is available for students [inside the campus for ARTS and outside the campus for COMMERCE & SCIENCE].
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Medical Facility
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