We are TECH-ing up!

Due to the onset of Corona Virus globally which has put the whole world stand still and we were no exceptions to that. The GoJ announced the closure of all the Educational Institutions [just like the whole India] in Jharkhand from 17th march 2020, and since then we have not been able to conduct any classes in our college.

The national LOCKDOWN starting from 24th March 2020, one after the other pushed all of us further in the field of uncertainity regarding how the classes would take place. But with the passage of time with uncertainity, we started thinking of ways to reach to our students with the course materials so that they could continue with their studies or get back in touch with the studies. And then we came up with the idea of going ONLINE to take the classes, to reach to our students.

We started our ONLINE classes from 25th of May 2020 continuously providing video lectures, assignments, notes and other required study materials to our students successfully. Our endeavour is to reach out to all the students providing them with continuity in their studies. Whatever may be the circumstance, we promise to reach to our students so that the education continues.